We carry out the digital communication consultancy of Securitas, which is among the leading brands with its global brand identity in the security sector and operates in 58 countries around the world by adopting the predictive security approach with its 370,000 employees.

While representing our brand on digital platforms, our first step was to analyze our strengths, to emphasize our values, and to announce to the masses the aim of making the world safer, which is the basis of the brand strategy, while representing our brand, which strengthens its service understanding with not only physical security, but also with technology-integrated smart solutions. We developed different strategies for each digital medium. We have placed our innovative brand image that traces technology in our focus. We have always created campaigns aimed at interacting with the target audience. As a result of our study add value to digital communications boomson and was rewarded by Marketing Turkey Turkey organized in cooperation with the Social Media Awards.

Şan İskender